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Welcome to Reverse Engineering dot com.

Also, check out Reverse Engineering dot NET, the Linux side of the house.
NOTE: May be redirected to Reverse Engineering dot COM.

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Our Mission

To attain the ability to alter or modify electronic devices and associated software.

Disclaimer: We do NOT condone hacking, cracking, phreaking, unauthorized access to computer systems and/or data, fraud, etc.  We are a software and electronic components resource.

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Company Profile

Reverse Engineering's Network:    Our Network address    Our WAN address
...    Test IP Address    Spare    Spare    Virtual address for henry-nicholson.com, henrynicholson.com, net and org    Virtual address for captaindata.com and captaindata.net    Virtual address for greystone-mansion.com, greystonemansion.com and greystone.info    Virtual address for engineson.com    Virtual address for duke-family.org and dukefamily.org    Virtual address for freeman-group.com and filmsouth.net, .org, .us    Virtual address for carriage-hill.org    Virtual address for bmwe38.net    Virtual address for morehead-city.org and moreheadcity.org    Virtual address for hvrc.info    Virtual address for hope-valley.org and hopevalley.org    Virtual address for hopevalley.com    Spare    Virtual address for gautama.com    Virtual address for stagghaven.com    Spare    Virtual address for sky-dive.org    Spare    Virtual address for tvsouth.tv    Virtual address for lakeaustin.org    Spare    Spare    asterisk: a Pentium-III 1.2GHz/512MB/250GB PC running CentOS 5.3 and asterisk 1.6.0 with Skype    pooh: a Dual Pentium-III 800MHz/1GB/40GB,80GB Raid0 PC running Windows Server 2003    owl: a Dual Pentium-III 600Mhz/1GB/250GB PC running CentOS 5.3
...    LAN address (NAT)    Our Broadcast address

NOTE: ALL access to our network is logged securely to remote hosts.

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Contact Information

Postal address
3429 Rugby Road, Durham, NC 27707-5431
Electronic mail
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